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Originals and cover songs, videos, and pictures.


Our appearances on WGN Radio, in the House of Blues, as supporting acts for Sebastian Bach, Skid Row, and Battle of the Band Winners, and more.

Wunderlich performing on WGN's Roe Conn Show. Click/Tap to watch.

WGN Radio

The Roe Conn Show - Live Video

Skid Row Opener

Live Video

Let it Go, Long Train Running, Black, from the closing of the show opener. Click/Tap to watch.
Original song "Save Me" and Doobie Brothers "Long Train Running" cover at the Arcada Battle of the Bands. Click/Tap to watch.

Arcada Battle of the Bands

Live Video

Sebastian Bach Opener

Music Video

Wunderlich's first Music Video - our original song "Shiver" from the Sebastian Bach show opener. Click/Tap to watch.
Freemont Show Closer - Shawn Green Quick Vid Snap - Blooper Promo for Arcada BOTB. Click/Tap to watch.


Live Videos

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Crowd Pictures

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Sebastian Bach

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Arcada Battle of the Bands

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Skid Row

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Other Pics

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